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Finding the right talent can make all the difference in creating memorable experiences

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The right people build valued relationships with key influencers throughout the industry. The right people have the brand experience and retail knowledge to maximize your product sales in stores. The right people understand the challenges that you face in developing, launching and distributing your product.

Deploying our sales promoters means that the right people can be part of your team, everyday. Our staff have the experience and brand knowledge to maximize profitability for brands but they also have the influence with key project stakeholders to make tactical interventions that drive sales.

Driving incremental sales and brand presence. It’s what we do as a leading promoters and hostess agency in Dubai. Our sales promoters and hostess manage in store sales and brand representation for leading global brands across various retail channels such as luxury boutiques, shopping malls, duty frees, hypermarkets, tradeshows universities, gas stations and event venues.

We offer flexible options for deployment of sales promoters and hostess for your promotions starting from an hourly basis upto long term yearly contracts. Kindly contact us to view our ready profile of promoters and hostess for your next product launch

Our Staffing & Talent services are designed to provide you with access to a pool of highly skilled professionals who can represent your brand with excellence. We begin by understanding your staffing needs and identifying the skills and qualities required for each role. From there, we source and recruit the best candidates for the job, providing training and support to ensure they're ready to represent your brand with professionalism and expertise.

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dubai staffing companies

Verified Profiles

We offer a talent pool of highly skilled professionals who have been thoroughly vetted and verified to ensure their credentials and expertise.

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Flexible On-Demand Hiring

Our flexible on-demand hiring options allow you to scale your team up or down as needed, whether you need temporary or permanent staffing.

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Industry Specific

Our talent is specific to your industry, ensuring that you have access to professionals who understand the unique challenges and opportunities within your field.

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We provide talent who are fluent in multiple languages, making it easier for you to connect with your audience across different regions and cultures.

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We hold our talent to a high standard of performance, ensuring that they meet your expectations and deliver results that help your brand succeed.

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We provide ongoing support and engagement with our talent to ensure that they remain motivated and committed to representing your brand with customers as expected.

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